Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Through the magic Wardrobe

Part of our Narnia Lessons includes Dramatic play. For us, this mostly means letting the kids act out the parts of the story we read each day.

So since we are only a few chapters into the book, and the wardrobe still plays a critical role, I devised a way to make it more "fun" for the kids. We took a tension rod, suspended it in the hallway with a few clothes on it.

This was such a hit, by their reaction you would think I just built an actual wardrobe by hand. They made me laugh. The best .99 I ever spent.

Oh and I had to include this one... I think John might be thawing towards school. Here is playing "Mr Tumnus" with his umbrella. He cracks me up. Of course, two minutes later he was trying to whack his sisters over the head with it. That is definitely not very Tumnus-y. But those fauns can be unpredictable...

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