Thursday, August 13, 2009

Snow and floods

Today we played with some fake snow I picked up at Mardel. It was the best we could do for our Narnia Winter here in Texas. This was a new brand, and I like it. It is dry like Styrofoam. The other kind I have is kinda wet and gelly, and makes a bigger mess.

After reading our portion of Story of the world we made a mock up of the River Nile. We took aluminum pans, filled them with potting soil, made a river, sprinkled grass seed, and then flooded it the way the river Nile flooding watered the farmers plants.

HUGE hit! The kids had a ball. I had to promise they could flood the river again soon.


  1. You come up with the best activities! Very cool!

    But don't think I didn't notice the "Tough Guys Wear Pink" t-shirt. Sigh. The things poor John is surrounded by :P

  2. That looks like something my kids would like, esp. Micah.


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