Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She wants to look surprised, but she had too much Botox

You know, once the kids hit four years old they just start to look all wrinkly and aged. That's why in our house we like to start them on Botox at age 5. Ha!

We went to the Dermatologist to get one of Chloe's warts frozen off. She was so very brave that the Doctor wanted to give her a treat. Since she can't have candy with the artificial colors, the doctor gave her this shirt!!! It is her favorite color purple, and its sparkly. What's not to love? Cracked me up! They also gave her a juvederm headband that matches.

Next stop the Preschool pageant Circuit!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Using the Wii Fit for Homeschool

Okay, can we pretend for a minute that you can't see how messy my house is? Cause really, I almost didn't post the pics. These were taken very close to Christmas when I was in full craft mode (not cleaning mode).

Anyway, we got the Wii for Christmas. It has worked unexpectedly well during our homeschool hours. I have used it for TV on rainy days. And we have used it to get the wiggles out in between classes. When I need to do classes with just one girly, the other sister can take advantage of the Wii. I feel very much that it has done what it advertises, it has upped the fitness of our family without any of us realizing we weren't just having funtimes.