Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kandinsky Circles, art class, and clay

Before we left for Art class I caught Emma reading a Junie B Jones book to Chloe. I love sneaking up on these moments between the sisters.

Then we left for art class where we used a brand new exciting medium of oil pastels and clay. We did Kandinsky circles with the oil pastels.

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  1. "Sneaking up on these moments between the sisters" ...

    See now I have this image of you stealthing about the house, silent as a shadow from corner to corner with camera in hand. Wearing your "Australian Outback full-on Mick Dundee Hat" and complete khaki regalia.

    Having successfully navigated the living room undetected, you ease up from under the coffee table for your shot. Success ... they never hear you coming.

    The girls unsuspectingly keep reading along as you ease the safey off of the camera. Timing your breathing, you lean in for the "capture shot" cleverly ignoring the laundry piled in the corner and that unsightly food stain on Chloe's shirt ... then .. CLICK!!!

    Feeling satisfied with another sucessful "hunt" you notice the kids rolling their eyes as they go back to reading.

    P.S. - Okay there was no stain on Cloe's shirt but I made ya look!


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