Monday, August 17, 2009

Lesson 5: TLTWTW Chapters 7&8

Chapter 7 Summary:
  • The children come across Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, who assure them they are friends.
  • The Beavers tell the Children about Aslan, but won't say anymore, warning that the woods are alive with dryad spies. So they invite the children back to their house for dinner.
  • Edmund wants to run away to the White Witch, but instead goes with the others to the Beaver's home.
  • They prepare a feast of fish and potatoes
Chapter 8 Summary:
  • Mr. Beaver tells the children that Mr. Tumnus has been taken away by the White Witch's secret police.
  • He tells the children about Aslan, the rightful King of Narnia and tells the children that they must go to Aslan.
  • Mr. Beaver explains that the children are to meet Aslan at the stone table to fulfill a prophecy.
  • He explains that the White witch is not human, but half Giant and half Jinn. Descended from Lilith on one side.
  • The children notice that Edmund is gone and want to mount a search party, but Mr. Beaver says not to waste the time, that Edmund had the look of a traitor and he ran off to join the White Witch. Everyone wonders how much of their plans Edmund heard.
Questions/Discussion points:
  • Why do the children demand that Mr. Beaver show them a sign that he is a friend? Is that a smart thing for the children to do? Is it possible to be wise and smart while still having faith?
  • What do you think of the children's reaction to Aslan's name? Aslan is supposed to be a representation of Jesus, Lewis was trying to portray the power that is in Aslan's name, much like Jesus.
  • The meal that the children eat with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver is the total opposite of Edmund's encounter with the white witch. Lewis goes into great detail about this meal, and how satisfying it was. The children had an honest hunger, and the meal was satisfying to the children.
  • In this chapter we get a description of Aslan, what did you think of him? Is he friendly? is he good?
  • Make a lion craft here.
  • Beaver Toilet paper craft here.
  • Have whitefish and potatoes for dinner
  • What do you think a Dryad would look like? try to draw one.
  • Draw a contour tree

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