Monday, August 24, 2009

Preschool Week 1: Handwashing Unit Study, Swine Flu Prep

I am a bit of a germ/pandemic freak. Somewhere in Sugarland my parents are laughing hysterically. I have the reputation in the family as the person most likely to open doors with her elbows.

So given the predicted surge in the swine flu epidemic, I thought it was the perfect time for us to have a "health and hygiene" unit for our preschooler. (and lets face it, the rest of us could use the reminder too).

So we learned how to wash our hands:
  • warmish water
  • generous soap
  • lather the palms, tops of hands and in between fingers and nails while singing "happy birthday" song twice.
  • rinse
  • grab ONE paper towel (we are still working on this)
  • turn of faucet with used towel
  • throw towel in trash (another sticking point)
Then we added bubbles to the sand and water table to wash off all our water toys and have some bubble playtime.

The older girls enjoyed making little books that explain handwashing. Tomorrow we are going to do bubble painting!


  1. Can I join your preschool days! LOL So much fun! My kids would be totally jealose if they knew all the FUN your kiddoes were having! I gotta work some more fun in!!!

  2. Carrie, you guys can swing by ANYTIME!


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