Monday, June 8, 2009

Language Arts Plan 1: Chocolate Fever

Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith

The Authors Website

The Author got the inspiration for Chocolate Fever from a bedtime story he told his daughter about a little boy who loved chocolate too much. Turns out, the little boy was based on him!

Book Summary
Henry Green is a boy who loves chocolate. He eats it for every meal! He loves chocolate more than anyone else alive and chocolate loves him back. It doesn't make him fat, or give him cavities, or stunt his growth, give him pimples or a tummyache. His parents let him eat as much as he likes, but one day he gets the "chocolate fever" and it leads to quite an adventure.

Vocabulary List
  • phenomenon: a rare or significant fact or event, an exceptional, unusual, or abnormal person, thing, or occurrence
  • nauseating: causing nausea, or the urge to vomit
  • acquaintance: a person whom someone knows, but isn't especially close to.
  • prodded: to poke or stir
  • bluffing: to act deceptively, to frighten or scare by pretense or a mere show of strength
  • mirth: cheer, gladness and gaiety
  • earnestly: an intense and serious state of mind
  • hijacked: to stop and steal something
  • subsided: to let oneself become more quiet
  • survive: to remain alive, and in existence
  • cargo: the goods sent somewhere in a ship or airplane
  • cautiously: careful, watchful and alert
  • desolate: devoid of visitors
  • dumbfounded: astonished

Discussion Questions:
Don't rush the answers. There is no truly right, or wrong answer, you are trying to get the child just to verbalize what they observed in the story. A narration is what you are looking for, not a short answer.

  1. In the beginning of the story, we learn that Henry Green wasn't really born but he was hatched, fully grown from a cocoa bean. Draw a picture of this and then explain it.
  2. Describe what Henry typically eats for breakfast. Does it sound yummy?
  3. Characters in the book try to guess what Henry eats, what are their guesses?
  4. Why does Henry run away from the hospital?
  5. How does Henry trick the boys in the schoolyard?
  6. What lesson does Henry learn through the book?
  • fold a piece of paper in half, on one side draw a picture of what Henry eats. On the other side, draw your favorite foods.
  • Make a collage candy bar wrappers.
  • what other kinds of fevers could people break out in? what would they look like.
  • Make a list of all the the characters in the book, put a plus sign if the character was positive towards Harry, a minus sign if they are negative towards him.
  • Study how chocolate is made from the seeds of the cocoa tree. Cocoa tress can be raised only near the equator. the scientific name is theobroma cocoa "food of the gods".
  • Watch the Magic School Bus episode on Cocoa trees.
  • Have a chocolate party: chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pie, hot chocolate, fudge, brownies
  • Watch you friends and family, ask them what their favorite foods are and make a graph chart.


  1. I LOVE CHOCOLATE UNIT! I mean why not have the excuse!

  2. I know right? No other motives here, its not like I crave chocolate at all!

  3. How fun! We'll have to include this lesson in our plans this year.

  4. Thanks Karen, it was so much fun for us!


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