Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not quite on schedule....Ugh...

So I made a few mistakes this week. First, this was the week that all of our "outside" activities and classes were starting back up. That in itself would be challenging. Then, In some kind of new year organizational fit, I also scheduled all of our "catch up" doctor appointments, you know my well woman, the kids well child checks, the ENT, I have kinda jammed it into the first three days of this week and it has really killed off our leisurely school life. Plus, as a result of one of my exams, I'm on a brand new medication that gives me the same symptoms of the stomach flu. That was like the cherry on my overwhelming sundae. So we have only managed the barest bones of school work for the past three days.

I'm probably over thinking this, but I do feel disappointed that we haven't gotten as much done as usual. Brian thinks I am too hard on myself, we do school year round and we usually don't take all the breaks schools take. Tomorrow we have another appointment and we are at desperate times for grocery shopping/menu planning, but I am hopeful that we can do more in the afternoon that is fun stuff and get back on track!


  1. Oh I feel for you. Isnt it hard when everything starts up again at once! I have had a light week so far of course no doctors appointments but they are coming up in the next few weeks! Hope you adjust to your new meds! And be assured you are doing FINE! You can give yourself a break I promise! Oh and your bugs were cute! I have a heart shaped doily, which I though would work too. Should be cute too!

    It ties in to my Valentines day- I hoped to buy or rent all of the Herbie movies (the old on without the LOHAN!) so that will be cute to make a love bug!

  2. Thank Carrie,

    And the original directions said to use heartshaped doilies, I think it would actually be even cuter!


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