Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Native American Unit: Day Two

We started with some find motor skill work. The girls had these cool sticker books their awesome mom had gotten them for Christmas (haha) so we used the prying the stickers off and putting them back on the page to help their fine motor skills

Plus lets face it, stickers are fun!

The we used our tweezers to pick up objects. We started with the glittery pom poms. Then we moved on to the beads. That was alot more difficult. John decided to stick with the pom poms.

John decided to start "reading" on his own. It was adorable! He was narrating the pictures for us.

Emma read her hooked on phonics book and two of her readers to everyone.

By then it was time for recess, but it was yucky outside. So we decided to use the christmas present our friends the Ridge's gave us and play indoor tag. The goal is to rip the tail off the hider. It was FUN!!!!

unfortunately, Mac is a herding kind of dog, and he would snitch on whomever was hiding. He can't stand for anyone to break formation.

We moved on to math, and we had a guest professor. Professor John joined us...he was a scream. When Chloe talked out of turn, he sent her to time out! She played along, but she would act all sad when he was watching, and then giggle when he wasn't looking.

Daddy is scheduled to read some of the Birchbark house to the girls after dinner.


  1. Okay, awesome day!

    I love the tail tag. that is adorable! can the pathfinders maybe borrow it one day for scouts!

    I want to publicly announce that you, my friend, are inspiration. I have not had many people in my life who "think" like me (themes, creative, unit study, out of the box) so I kindof almost feel I shut down that part of me and I just let it come out to play for certain events!

    Well I am lettin' all kinds to "me" out to play. I have devised a plan! I shoved all my school books in their OWN little box!- minus math which they will do daily and possible phonics (still wiggle room on that)

    We are officially starting our fairy tale/ princesss/ knight unit study. The kids voted and this one won hands down!

    I am putting it together today and will tweak it I am sure in the next few days but I feel really good and the kids seem really excited!

    thank you, thank you and thank you.

    btw- in response to the possible pow wow invitation extension... I extend a possible Midieval feast invitation!


    seriously thank you for being you!

    I will of course blog this but wanted to thank you personally- you know on a public blog!

  2. Awww Carrie, Thank you!!!!

    I think that a break of a unit study is just the ticket!!!! You have to do what comes naturally I think!

    Of course you can borrow the tail tag for the explorers, just let me know and I will bring it.

    If you need any inspiration my Konos book has a unit on medieval princess knights and castles. You are more than welcome to look at it!


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