Monday, January 5, 2009

Native Americans: Off to a pretty decent start

We started our school day with Emma reading a chapter of her Hooked on Phonics book to John. He is almost always lurking nearby when we do school. I can only hope that some of it is creeping in. Usually he and Chloe stay for some of the classes we do, and then run outside to play for half of them too. We tried a new system today that really seemed to keep everyone focused, we did a class, then had 20 minutes of recess. I think it made the day a little longer than normal, but I had more time to sneak in chores here and there and the kids were very attentive, I think they just need to run their wiggles out in between subjects. We might stick with this routine, it worked really well today.

Then we moved onto Math, we use Saxon Math. we did our math meeting where we go over the date, the weather graph, and our pattern for the day. We started our main lesson. Today we learned about triangles, and the angles in triangles, how to sort items by characteristics, and worked on our handwriting with our numbers. Then we got 15 of our toys and sorted them into groups by their characteristics. This was a big hit with the kids. Later on in the day, they were still sorting things, randomly, just cause they wanted to.... Mommy likes, mommy likes.

Since our theme is Native Americans, I let Emma select from our pile of Native American themed Readers. She chose Thunderhoof. A wild horse, refuses to be tamed by the cowboys but misses their company after they give up and turn him loose.

Then we did our Grammar lesson. I'm sorry, but that is just too boring for me to blog about.....

After lunch we snuggled up and I read part of The Birchbark house out loud to everyone. It has totally lived up to my expectations I am happy to report. We also spent some time looking at a few of our picture reference books to find things we read about today, like moccasins and skinning.

To close our day, Emma used her Kung Fu weaving skills to make me a potholder. She wants me to use it, but its not really very thick, I think I will burn myself... yikes!! I tried to convince her it was for decoration, she isn't buying it. AND I bought the extra big bag of additional loops, so I could have like ten of these by the end of the week.

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  1. see you do it and your sick... I cant I cant I cant. I used to have aweosme fun days like this but I dont anymore......


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