Thursday, January 8, 2009

Native American Unit: Days 3 and 4

May I present my Indian princesses and brave to you. They have all chosen their Indian names. We tried to pick our favorite activity and mesh it with our favorite part of nature. Emma is Rides with Butterflies. John is Runs with Puppies. I am Reads by Moonlight and Chloe is Sparkles on the Lily. Yes, really.....don't choke, and for goodness sakes don't make any remarks about shaking dew off. When I asked her what her favorite thing to do was, she answered "sparkle"....and, well its fitting.

Being on the puny side of health has not been good for the school part of us. We have managed to keep up with our reading, and with our math, but me reading aloud hasn't worked out for the past couple of days because I have a sore throat, and its too much for me. So yesterday we braided our hair and got out for some fresh air. We took a walk around the lake in our neighborhood with the puppies.

Today we did our basics and then went to chick fil a. It was pretty much a cop out. We needed to get out of the house badly, and we had errands to run, two stone.


  1. Ok I like the lake a LOT ... is there dual meaning there with you posting tempting pictures of warm weather and a neat neighborhood? :) Very cool Indian names too .. but um .. how come the pets don't have cool names too?

  2. Ahhh.....makes me want to move to a neighborhood with a trail on a lake....almost....I just don't want to do the actual moving part or the selling of the house part....

  3. yeah the moving stinks. It took us a full year to complete the unpacking!


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