Friday, July 10, 2009

Homeschool Weekly Wrap Up

I like the idea of doing a weekly review of the week, so I am participating in Weird, Unsocialized homeschooler's weekly wrap up I want to try to do it each week.

This week went really well. Now, to be fair, my mother had my middle child for the week. I posted about how that changed our dynamics here. But I did try a few new things this week.

Instead of prepping each days assignments the night before, I got together all of the work for the week, copied, stapled it and put it in a folder. So my oldest (she is age 7) could choose what she wanted to work on, and for how long. I haven't had a hard time with getting her to do the work at all, but she is my shyer child who is less likely to give me her opinion and I want her to have the sense of pride that comes with "steering your own boat" as much as possible. It was amazing, what I would have planned for five days she accomplished in only three. Which taught me something of a lesson: If I give her the work, she will complete exactly what I have asked her to complete very nicely to the letter. But if I give her free reign, she excels higher than I anticipate.

The second new thing we did this week was to use wipe off whiteboards for alot of work as opposed to paper. WOW! Is this ever going to save us some money on the paper bill. This week we used it for our spelling tests, and our morning journaling, and for doodling... but SHHH, don't tell the principle.

I have also been trying to arrange our plans for the coming year. Last year was our first full year to homeschool, and I feel like we were overcommitted. We were in about three weekly commitment classes/activites. It was just too much, it kinda sucked the fun out of our homeschool because we were always rushing to get somewhere, or rushing to get home and hurry up to do our chores. Alot of these commitments want an answer as to whether we will be coming back by August. I am starting to feel very strongly that we might just drop all the outside commitments and focus more on the schooling end of things.

Have any of you experienced this? When we first started homeschooling I was concerned that the kids wouldn't get enough social interaction. Now I am worried that we are actually being distracted by TOO MANY social opportunities? Am I just a worrier who needs a topic?


  1. LOL A worrier who needs a topic. That describes me. I always say that I like to worry. The truth is, I don't enjoy it at all, but you'd think I do, as much time as I spend at it.

    We feel very easily over-committed. Two days a week out of the house (during school hours) is my max, but I prefer to keep it at one, if I can. One gone-from-the-time-we-get-up-till-
    time-for-dad-to-come-home-running-full-out-the-whole-time day away from home.

    I often grow to really dislike that day. ;-0

    Thanks for joining in the Wrap-Up this week!

  2. I too felt that way when I first started homeschooling and had to learn to cut back. I really have a hard time when it comes time to sign up for field trips as I want to go on all of them! lol But our lives are much smoother when I plan less time out of the house too! Really cute blog!

  3. Thank you so much. It is so nice to know there isn't something faulty with me! that this is a normal problem! I have been feeling so much more at peace with it this week

  4. I homeschooled my youngest son, who's now 21 and going to college. I started when we was in 1st grade until he was in 8th grade. Then he decided he wanted to go to high school. I loved every moment we spent together. The first year was a hardest, because he thought of me as mom not his teacher. So, I had to tell him when we are doing he's school work I was his teacher. After the 1st year thing were better. We both thought of things he wanted to learn and sometimes we learned things together. Good luck and happy learning. Geri


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