Thursday, July 9, 2009


We are studying Egypt with our Story of the World Curriculum and I came up with this fun idea for an activity. Brian thought it was fun.. but kinda gruesome.

First we went the dollar store to buy our "victim". We chose a nice little walrus who we loved and petted before we ripped his guts out.

Then we made an incision at the nose, and took all the "brain" stuffing out through the nose.

Chloe really dug this part.

Then we used some of Daddy's travel sized shampoo bottles as our canocopic jars.

Emma labled the jars for us.

We cut up an old crib sheet to make the mummy wrappings and tied them.

John wanted to mummify the dog too. Run Puppy, RuN!!!!!!


  1. This is AWESOME! :) hahahahaha

  2. We mummified a Barbie. I loved covering her up!

    Thanks for submitting to the Hands-on Homeschool Carnival!

  3. Thank you Sherry!

    That is a good idea Cindy, we might do that just as a bonus!

  4. This is a perfect hands on project and I love that you didn't just wrap but you pulled the brains and guts out too! People often forget about that part of the mummification process. LOL Thanks for sharing on the Hands On Carnival!


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