Tuesday, March 10, 2009

KONOS Bird Unit Study: Week 1, Day 2

Ummm, today was pretty much a bust. We had scouts, and that was awesome. We learned about manners. But we didn't do anything "birdy". After scouts we spent a good 2 hours at the doctors office and now I am on some antibiotics, and hopefully will be feeling better. Downside of homeschooling = there is no substitute teacher to call in when you are sick!!!

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  1. There is my million dollar business idea ... starting a consulting company that provides substitute teachers to home schooling moms in Texas! For a small yearly fee, like having a warranty on your fridge, they would be required to keep up with your particular home school so that at any time they were needed, they could step right in for a day or few days.

    (wanders off mumbling and rubbing hands together)


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