Saturday, March 27, 2010

Field Trip: Houston Livestock show

We took a trip to the Livestock show with some friends. The kids really loved it. Besides just getting to hang with their friends, there were plenty of fun learning opportunities.

  • They got to learn about bees, and see bees building a hive.
  • We saw a baby calf be born. Mommy got to answer lots of questions about the afterbirth hanging out of the poor mommy cow. TMI? Yeah... it was for me too.
  • The absolute favorite for Chloe and John was petting the bunnies.
  • They had newly hatched and hatching chicks.
  • We saw a milking demonstration too. It was fun and educational, but with my dairy allergy I swear just thinking about milk made me itch.

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  1. I would NOT have loved that "I Heart Beef" bag, but I guess it IS the Houston Livestock Show!


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