Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Using the Wii Fit for Homeschool

Okay, can we pretend for a minute that you can't see how messy my house is? Cause really, I almost didn't post the pics. These were taken very close to Christmas when I was in full craft mode (not cleaning mode).

Anyway, we got the Wii for Christmas. It has worked unexpectedly well during our homeschool hours. I have used it for TV on rainy days. And we have used it to get the wiggles out in between classes. When I need to do classes with just one girly, the other sister can take advantage of the Wii. I feel very much that it has done what it advertises, it has upped the fitness of our family without any of us realizing we weren't just having funtimes.

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  1. Oh, I shouldn't have read this. I have been trying to convince myself that we need a wiifit for our homeschool. I just might have to get one this Christmas. BTW- your house looks soooo much cleaner than mine.
    I found you because I was searching for a bird unit study. I appreciate all your ideas.
    I too have a blog but don't write very often because of my schedule. Keep on writing- it is encouraging. Carrie in Colorado


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