Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Glitter Germs

We are learning about germs, and unfortunately germs are invisible. Since kids this age are so concrete, I wanted to give them a way to "see" the germs.

First we used hand lotion to give the glitter something to stick to. Then I sprinkled glitter on the kid's lotioned hands.

I had them do some of the things they would normally do on an average day. Like turning on a light, or scrathing their nose. They were able to see how the glitter rubbed off onto the lightswitch.

Chloe was in the shower when we started, so she played ring around the rosie with Emma and John when she came out and we saw how the glitter transferred onto her hands also.

After this experiment everyone felt that they understood germs more completely. The kids were motivated to run around the house sanitizing all the lightswitches, doorknobs, remote controls, and keyboards.

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